Dear Customers,

We are writing with reference to the news in the media regarding order of the honourable Supreme Court towards Dayfresh pasteurized and UHT milk.

We assure you that our products are prepared under strict quality measures and our milk comes solely from our own farm.

It may be noted that according to tests undertaken by Punjab Food Authority conducted on milk brands on 26th Dec, 2017, Dayfresh milk is a quality product and meets all standards. Moreover, Dayfresh products have been tested and passed by various local and international laboratories including SGS & Intertek.

The Supreme Court has directed the PCSIR to carry out another test and review the results, this process will hopefully be concluded soon.

Dayfresh is the only product which comes through a single source farm and is FREE from any adulteration, powder, additives, etc. Thousands of customers have visited our farm and witnessed the state of the art milking process at our facility.

We are proud to be Dayfresh and we assure you that this matter will be resolved very soon. We look forward to your cooperation and support as a loyal Dayfresh customer.